Christmas Memories

Even though the holidays can be a very busy time, I cannot help but look back on some of my favorite Christmas memories.  I don’t have pictures from all of them, but the pictures in my mind are enough to bring a smile to my face…

…like the Christmas when I came down the stairs to find a small plug-in organ.  It was in the corner, under the Christmas tree.  It was a stand up, sit behind organ.  I have a recording of my mom playing some songs and me singing them.  At one point, you hear her exclaim – “WAIT!  Keep up with the music!!!”.  I still give her grief over that from time to time.

…my first Christmas.  I don’t remember it, but I sure didn’t like Santa!


The Tour…the Christmas Eve that my Uncle was over.  My grandparents had also invited a couple that they had been friends with for a long time.  Earl and Pearl.  Yes, that was their names.  I’m not sure if they changed them after they were married because it was a cool 70’s thing – wait – that’s not it.  It was just a weird rhyming coincidence. I bet they got a lot of snickers when they introduced themselves!  Anyway, I digress.  I was in charge of the homestead tour.  My grandmother and Pearl.  I was very busy!  [I wonder – did they plan those outfits?]

…waiting in line at the store (Sears?) to see Santa for what seemed like a lifetime, chatting with my dad the whole time telling him what I wanted from Santa, what I was going to tell him, blah, blah, blah – AND THEN – was next in line and wanted to bail.  Told him – No way, Jose.  I’m not talking to him.  Maybe I was having flashbacks to the first Christmas?  My dad told me that I had to talk to him in order to get the ring.  Yes, I really wanted that ring.  The ring was cool and I didn’t have one.  So…I went and told him what I wanted.

SCORE! You’re jealous, you know it…

…the Christmas we went over to my Great Aunt’s and Uncle’s house.  I was one of very few children and I was the youngest by quite a bit.  I couldn’t have been more than maybe 4 or 5.  I remember being told to wait in the den until dinner was ready.  The little den had a couch and a TV.  That was about all that could fit in that very small room.  I was probably in the way, wanting to help the ladies in the kitchen (remember the tour?).  I remember my Great Aunt, my cousin Gwen, my cousin Margaret, and maybe one or two other ladies in that kitchen.  I have no idea how they all fit in there, but they made it work!  The dining room/living room was the majority of the house.  I’m blessed to have my Great Aunt’s and Uncle’s dining room table.  If only it could talk!!!

…Christmas 2009.  We had just remodeled our house and it was finished the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We had a gathering the day after Christmas at our house for my husband’s side of the family.  It snowed that day, making it a white Christmas.  I was grateful to have all of us together to celebrate.

And last, but certainly not least – there is the time in 3rd grade when I was told that there was no Santa Claus.  I was livid!  I bet Ronnie Parker ONE MILLION DOLLARS that he was completely wrong.  We’ll save that story for another blog post, as I am still in therapy…

About Our Lineage

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