There are a ton of wonderful genealogical resources available to you! Here I will share some of my favorite resources. If you are looking for something specific, please contact me via the Contact page.

Just starting out?

Family Search
I recommend looking under ‘Learn’ to find many great tutorials.

Cyndi’s List
She’s been at this a long time – definitely worth a look!

Illinois Genealogical Society
Do you have Illinois Ancestors?  I am a member of the Illinois State Genealogical Society.
The Society has free database searches available via the website as well as wonderful webinars offered every month.  Click here for the 2013 Webinar schedule, provided by ISGS.  I highly recommend becoming a member; for the $30 annual dues, you have additional access to members only records and other wonderful information!

Tribal Pages or My Heritage
Want to put your family tree online but want a few more controls regarding privacy?
These sites provide various options and features.

Researching Your Missouri Ancestors
The Missouri Digital Heritage website is a great resource!
Read about it in one of my blog posts.

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