Remembering Uncle Syl…

I have very fond memories of my great-uncle, Sylvester Zelinski.  He and my grandmother both lived to be centenarians!  I always looked forward to his letters and his packages around Christmas time.  I also enjoyed seeing him when he would come back to Chicago for a visit.  He was always active.

I remember visiting him and my great-aunt Helen in 1995.  She was sick and not doing very well.  She was in the hospital on the day that I called.  He had said that it was only a matter of time.  I decided to take the trip to California to see her.  I was glad for my visit.

Days after I was back home, I called to check in again.  “How are you, Uncle Syl?”

“Oh, I’m alright.  I’m a little tired.  I walked to the hospital to see Helen and I locked myself out of the house, so I had to flip the fence.”

WHAT?  He was 82 at the time and that fence was wooden and not easily flipped by any means.  That was Uncle Syl.  He had a recumbent bike and would try to ride it 30-45 minutes a day.  Amazing!

His granddaughter did a wonderful job on his obituary, so I will just let it speak for itself.


May you rest in peace, Uncle Syl!


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  1. Oh wow!!! I am just seeing this beautiful tribute NOW!!! I remember your visit back in ’95 and meeting you!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for writing this — and I love seeing all the old photographs of grandpa and the family!! xo, -Christine Kell (the granddaughter) 😉

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