Photos and Letters and Certificates – Oh My!

I have been at this a while now.  This thing they call genealogy.  In addition, I LOVE photos.  They are my weak spot.  Always have been.  After looking at the mound of family photos that my grandmother has taken/saved, I know it must be in the DNA somewhere!

I went to Ohio to visit my cousin and celebrate her daughter’s graduation from High School. Where does the time go?  I’m at the stage in life where I am amazed how quickly time is passing and that everyone seems to be aging, but I feel the same.  Anyway, I digress…

My grandmother, whom I have blogged about, in my Confessions, passed away 2 years ago.  When I went to Ohio over the last weekend, my cousin told me that she had a few things for me since I am the one most interested in our family’s history.

I must say, I wasn’t quite expecting this –


The binders are the family history that my aunt had been working on – each side of the family has a binder as well has her ex-husband’s side of the family.

There are two boxes, as you can see, and a briefcase.  There are all kinds of good things inside!  The lady on top is my great-grandmother, Frances Stefanska Zielinska.

Inside Box

Inside Briefcase

Now, the work begins.  In order to do this collection justice, I need to do an inventory as well as get a plan together on how to organize the photos, certificates, and other items.

Once I have everything separated out, I will be putting them in archival albums and the like.  I will also be the ‘mad scanner’ as I scan each item and catalog it.

It sounds like a chore to some, but to me it is very exciting to see what new treasures I will find each day!

I will do separate blog posts during the coming weeks for all the things that I find and how I am scanning and organizing items, so be on the lookout for updates and/or tips!

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17 Responses to Photos and Letters and Certificates – Oh My!

  1. mgbigboy says:

    Saw your blog listed at Geneabloggers, congratulations. I wish I had same amount of photos. I might probably only have like 1/100 the amount. Good thing for my blog, I have been getting some from distant relatives.

    Take care,

    Moises Garza
    We Are Cousins – My personal blog about South Texas and Northeastern Mexico Genealogy
    Mexican Genealogy – Blog where I help anyone with Mexican Ancestry get started with their Family History and Genealogy.

  2. So she had “a few things.” Ho ho ho! Congratulations on getting all this material! That stack looks as if it might take months or years for a genealogist to sort through, identify, verify, record, and archive. Both work and fun. You will have a good time and we’ll look forward to your posts!

    I’ve got a similar stack myself, from a third cousin. It’s becoming a lifetime of work — so many genealogical tables, hundreds and hundreds of peeps.

    My conclusion so far is that getting older doesn’t feel like getting older. You just always feel like yourself. Just would like to escape the memory-loss part. : ))

    • Our Lineage says:

      I know – it may take quite a while, but I am motivated! We’ll see…

      Thanks for commenting – I found some certificates and letters in there as well.

      My aunt also went through her family group sheets and put her thoughts on her aunts and uncles and how she felt about them!


  3. Laura Hedgecock says:

    I’m glad so many others are commenting that it’s a treasure to have all these photo! It’s a labor of love.
    (I also just posted about scanning.)
    Laura Hedgecock

  4. Su Leslie says:

    What a treasure trove! I’m so glad for you (and totally green with envy) 🙂

  5. I’m green with envy 🙂 What a great treasure chest!

  6. Oooohh! Looks like treasure to me (and lot’s of fun).

    • Our Lineage says:

      Thank you! I’m on my way home now so that I can started! So many possibilities, that will also be fun – just like your letters and all that you’ve done with them!


  7. A mother lode! What a volume of material to go through–we should all be so lucky! And what an opportunity, as well, to put it all together for yourself and future generations. Enjoy every amazing, frustrating, exciting, mystifying moment of this adventure!

  8. Wow, what a collection – so exciting! Good luck with it all, and have fun.

  9. chmjr2 says:

    What a great gift she left for you. I wish more families took such good care of their history. Look forward to reading about your finds.

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