Wedding Wednesday – Margaret Lloyd and William Morgan, 1890

Today is ‘Wedding Wednesday’, so today I am commemorating the wedding of William Morgan and Margaret Lloyd.

On July 20, 1890, William Morgan married Margaret Lloyd in Morris, Grundy County, Illinois.  William was 22 and Margaret was 16.  She needed the consent of her parents, which was given.


They lived in Gardner, Illinois (Grundy Co.), Clarke City, Illinois (Kankakee Co.), Cardiff, Illinois (Livingston, Co.) and Chicago, Illinois (Cook Co.).  William and Margaret Morgan were able to celebrate 50+ years of marriage together.  They lived most of those 50 years in Chicago, Illinois.

The Morgan FamilyThey had 10 children:
Elizabeth Mary “Mae” (Morgan) Brotemarkle (1891-1986)
Frances Willard (Morgan) Larson (1893-1945)
William Morgan (1896-1961)
Gwendolyn (Morgan) Kiley (1898-1923)
Rose Julia (Morgan) Anderson (1900-1980)
Richard Lloyd “Dick” Morgan (1902-1978)
Arthur Lloyd Morgan (1906-1993)
David Lloyd Morgan (1908-1985)
Margaret Frances (Morgan) Larson (1910-1991)
Lloyd Lloyd Morgan (1914-1914)

Interesting genealogical tidbit:  Two Morgan daughters married Larson men.  The Larson men were not related.  Later down the tree, there was yet another Larson-Morgan wedding.  All none related so far, but certainly adds color to the family tree!

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4 Responses to Wedding Wednesday – Margaret Lloyd and William Morgan, 1890

  1. Look at those children! And I think that I can recognize the father in the background, and also the mother on the left, from their earlier photo. Thanks!

    • Yes! It’s quite a photo! It’s hard to see on the blog, but there is actually a face in the window! The other two woman are Margaret’s sisters, who also came to the US with her.

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